Hey there,

Donna here - this my story

For many years I have had a passion for making silver jewellery with my bare hands. There is something about getting your hands dirty but ending up with someting shiny at the end that gives me a sense of achievement.

Spirit Jewel is an extension of my silversmith passion as I believe that everyone should be able to wear beautiful pieces that reflect and enhance their individualism. 

I am a wife and a mother to four children. I have Multple Sclerosis which has given me many challenges and has changed my life in many ways. 

I know what it is like when things seem out of reach which is why Spirit Jewel had to be made affordable for all.

I want the pieces you choose to add to your own story and beauty.

Spirit Jewel will also be a place to stock my own creations. If you love a particular piece I am happy to make it for you. Note that handmade pieces will vary slightly in design.


Much Love

Donna X